BEING a sociable bunch, we like meeting people – but we’d never met anyone quite like Reggie, who we filmed at Engineered Arts Ltd in Cornwall.

Located in Penryn, near Falmouth, Engineered Arts Ltd are specialists in the design and build of imaginative, interactive exhibitions, audio visual and mixed media installations. They also make robots, such as the infamous RoboThespian™, a fully programmable humanoid robot. He’s so good, even NASA ordered one! (Max Q, the RoboThespian installed at NASA Kennedy Space Center is programmed to answer questions about space including the Hubble Telescope and astronauts’ life in space.)

RoboThespian™ comes with standard content, like greetings and impressions, to which you can add your own recorded sequences or bespoke content – so we did!

You can view Reggie in action here: or visit or for more information.