Introducing Air Tribe Media


Aerial Filming Specialists
Taking professional filming to a whole new level.

So who are Air Tribe Media?

Air Tribe Media is the aerial filming services division of Hill Tribe Media.

As such, we are one of a small group of drone filming companies that can offer Civil Aviation Authority approved drone film production services, that merge years of TV and Film production experience with the latest drone filming and aerial cinematography technology.

Lots of people can fly drones, where we add TRUE value is by devising and delivering creative sequences and jaw dropping images by combining our creative shot visualisation with the latest cutting edge aerial technology.

Essentially, we are experienced cameramen……. who fly    (but without a cape!)



Air Tribe Show Reel

Want to know what we can do?

Check out our latest drone filming show reel




Burgh Island Aerial Promotional Film

So why should you work with Air Tribe?


We’re crazy about drones….there, we said it. Our passion for this technology, and the amazing things they allow us to achieve, means that every job, be it surveying a corn field or chasing a sports car on track, is a job we want to be proud of.


We love film making. Its on our DNA, which is why we started Hill Tribe Media and now bring all those years of experience and skills to the aerial filming world. All our pilots and camera operators are from a TV and broadcast background, so we’re more than just pilots who fly a camera – we’re filmmakers that think visually, embracing this technology to deliver unforgettable footage.


Whether it be filming cars whizzing around race tracks or fishing boats out at sea, large country estates or industrial mining quarries – our crews have vast experience filming of operating safely, with minimal impact, in diverse and challenging environments.


It might not be what some of our clients want to hear, but safety does come first. As much as we want to push the boundaries of aerial film-making, we will never endanger property or life. Don’t get us wrong, we are up for a challenge as much as anyone, but we have a legal, social and industry responsibility to operate safely.


What is the booking process

  1. Call us! We love a natter, and there’s nothing quite like a good chat for us to hear about you and your filming needs.
  2. Quote – We will recommend the best aerial filming platform and camera package for your job, and quote accordingly.
  3. Pre-Flight Assessments – Once approved, we will commence pre-flight assessments, including airspace, permissions, restrictions etc.
  4. Technical Recce – Where possible, we will visit the location prior to the filming day to ensure any location issues are planned for.
  5. Pre-Flight Report – We will deliver a full pre-flight report outlining any issues and our solutions/recommendations.
  6. Flight Window – We will be in regular contact with you, checking forecasts and deciding the best options for filming.
  7. Flight Day – On the filming day, our crew will work closely with you to ensure the images you need are captured, just as you need them.

What drones can you supply?

We have access to a fleet of aerial filming platforms, from small cost effective quad copters delivering HD images to large multi-rotor platforms carrying Red Epic/Arri camera packages delivering 4k/6k and more.

When you enquire with us, we will help you to determine the right camera platform and camera technology for the job. this ensures you are paying no more or less for the technology you need to deliver your project to the highest standard.

What do Air Tribe need from me?

When you contact us for a quote, we will require the following information, in order to conduct our pre-site surveys, assessments and recommendations.

  • Location – a postcode or map reference detailing the location where the operation is due to take place.
  • Deliverables – a full description of what you need us achieve, so we can pick the right rig for the job.
  • Time Scales – is the operation to be conducted at a specific time, or will it be the best weather day.
  • Permissions – do you have permission of the site, or nearby location, where we can base ground operations for take-off and landing.

Why am I still reading?

Good point! Give us a call now for a friendly chat about how our drone filming services can help you. 01208 851411