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Looking for an Animation Company in Cornwall?

As an Animation Company in Cornwall we know that sometimes, things just work better when animated. Be it hand drawn, cartoon or computer generated, our wide range of animation production services ensure that your story is told in a visual way that suits both you & your audience.

Based in Cornwall, we work with clients nationwide to help them deliver their unique messages in a unique visual way. From Script Writing Services to concept generation, we can guide you through every step of the animation production journey.

We’ve been the trusted animation producer for various companies including Lilly, NHS, Boehringer Ingelheim and more.

Whatever style of animation, our high quality video animation production services will ensure your project achieves its aims… in a visual way that only animation can deliver. Let’s chat about how we can bring your message to life through fun, intelligent and engaging animated film production.

Why Use Animation?

Sometimes, a clients budget simply just doesn’t allow us to have the multiple filming days, in multiple different locations to film what’s required – this is where animation is perfect. It allows us to demonstrate things that would simply be impossible to capture with traditional film production styles.

Unlimited Creativity

Believe it or not…..talking Crabs are actually quite rare. You could go months without meeting one, let alone find one who is good in front of camera. That is why we created an animated Crab for one of our clients projects. Animation allows us to achieve incredibly creative and entertaining things – adding a another level of creativity to any project.

Movie Magic

Who doesn’t love a good Disney film?? Come on, be honest…we all do! Audience’s still love animation because it can take us to places, and engage with audiences in a way that live action sometimes simply can not. Our animation services can be the ideal tool to help you bring your story, character or ethos to life.

NHS Partnerships

Veterinary Nurse Advisors Team

Pauls Diabetes Journey

Let’s Go Crabbing

Client Showcase: The Veterinary Nurse Advisors Team

animated explainer video cornwall

The Challenge:

The Veterinary Nurse Advisors Team has a problem. They offered a fantastic service to Vets and Pet Owners, but they didn’t know how to promote the fantastic work they do. (Oh and the also needed a whole new “look” and logo too!)

Our Solution:

As an animation company in Cornwall, we knew immediately that a fun, colourful and engaging animated film was THE way to bring their service to life for both Vets and pet owners. We devised characters and a storyboard that would effectively show what they could offer and do it in a way that would keep people engaged. As part of the project we also created their shiny new logo, making sure the core animals were featured, and by placing it all in a speech bubble it immediately had the connotations of their vital call in service.