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Event Filming Services

We offer a wide range of event production services and event videography so our clients can find the perfect solution for their budget.

You only get ONE chance to film your event so it’s crucial you get it right – get it wrong & it could be another year before the next chance to film the event…That’s a long time of missed social and promotional marketing. With us, you’re in safe hands.

We will understand what you need to film & how you want it portrayed, so that you end up with event filming company that not only fit seamlessly with your event team, but also delivers event content you are proud to use again and again.

Event video production services are available for conferences, workshops, festivals, trade shows, awards and annual celebrations. Companies and events such as the Feast of Dorset, Plymouth University, Exeter Food Festival, UKSCA, Boehringer Ingelheim and the NHS trust us to handle their event videography, and you can to.

We’re Experienced

We know a thing or two about filming events – over the years we have created event films for Food Festivals, Schools, Universities, Awards Dinners, Business Workshops, Conferences and Welly Wanging…..yes seriously. Whatever the subject, the aim is often the same – get great footage of the event in order to portray the atmosphere and highlights to future visitors and exhibitors. Check out the films above to see how we do that.

We’re Cost Effective

Often requiring just a single days filming, our event video production services will deliver an effective marketing tool for you to promote all future events…..at very cost effective prices.

We create films that not only show the event in all it’s glory, but also encourage visitors and exhibitors a like – meaning the film works as a promotional film and a marketing film in one.

We’re Team Players

Go Team (insert event name here!) – We know that the best events only happen when a crack team of individuals work together to deliver it. As such we know that our role in creating the event promotional film is just one part of the bigger picture. We will ensure we get what we need to deliver the perfect film but we also know to work in the background, and integrate seamlessly with everyone else who has an important role such as the AV guys, security teams, management staff etc.

Feast Of Dorset Event Film

Plymouth University Open Day Event Film

Export Cornwall Workshop Film

UKSCA Conference Film