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Who doesn’t love a good story? We all do, and your employees are no different.

We pride ourselves on being great story-tellers, it’s in the blood, and that passion and creativity goes into all our internal communications video productions and employee engagement films.

Why should corporate comms be dull, conventional and boring….your business isn’t!


We help companies and organisations to solve their communications challenges, by producing content that works.

And this all starts with the right comms strategy. Brilliantly creative ideas are pointless if they don’t deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.


In a rapidly changing world of media content,  successful internal communication projects need to be more than just a message…they need to entertain and engage.

Our team has great experience (and tons of ideas!) for producing content that your audience will WANT to watch.


Producing internal communication films or media content is only the start of the challenge, the true test is making that content heard in a crowded media landscape.

We can help you to engage with your audience wherever and whenever they want, and track the results of that engagement.

When video is included in an email the click through increases by 200%-300%. – Forrester (Internal Comms Video Production)

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Got 1 minute (and 14 seconds)? Watch our Corporate Comms Showreel.

A brief glimpse of the various ways we use film and video
to help our clients engage, involve and inspire their employees.

Top reasons our clients use our
Internal Communications Video services


Management Messages

Visibility of top management is more important now than ever before, but it’s impossible for them to be everywhere at once. By producing video communications that make the employee feel valued and included businesses can easily and quickly convey key messages, updates, ideas whilst making staff feel that they have an accessible and approachable management.



Product Launches

Every employee is now considered a global ambassador for the brand they work for, as such video comms detailing the latest product launch,  it’s aims, purpose and benefits means all employees are on the same page.



One company

Many multinationals are made up of numerous businesses and often employees lack clarity and line-of-sight to the overarching company’s vision. It’s our job to ensure these employees know what they’re contributing to and where they’re adding value. Using video allows us to give employees a better understanding of what the rest of the company is doing and achieving.

Change Management

Times of change within a company or any organisation can often cause uncertainty and doubt. Both of which will not help any employee to be there most productive. Our ability to create engaging and interesting internal communication films will ease this process, and ensure all employees feel reassured and part of the process.



Employee Induction

Producing creative and engaging induction films allows any business to instantly set the tone for the new employees and establish the companies ethos and values. They also ensure all employees are “on brand” and understand what the company stands for.



Internal Training Videos

Who says training films and product updates can’t be great content? We put just as much creativity and dynamic thinking into the training films we produce for our clients as any film production project. Check out the screen shots below for examples.

59% of executives prefer to watch video than read text. – Forbes (Internal Communications Video Production)

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So how have we helped our Corporate Communication & Employee Engagement clients?

Internal Communications Video Prouction

Internal communications film production

Internal employee engagement film production

Change Management

For 3 years we helped top 20 pharma company Boehringer Ingelheim to communicate to its 30,000 global employees about a radical new way of working…….

Employee Engagement

Arconic, a global Aluminium corporation, asked us to help engage the local workforce for the annual employee engagement project. We devised a simple visual method for employees to show their creativity, give feedback and have fun at the same time.

CEO and Senior Management Messages

We’ve helped many companies and departments to effectively communicate corporate news, strategy, policy changes and financial results through engaging video updates. We employ many techniques and styles from TV broadcast to achieve these goals.

Employee engagement film production

Internal communications film producer

Employee Induction Film

HR Training Films

We produced a range of medical information films that explained complex industry results in a modern and eye-catching way. The use of 3D graphics, music and presenter resulted in a more successful retention level than previous written updates.

Induction Video

We produced an internal induction film for a southwest seafood supplier, Falfish, which introduced the company to new employees and highlighted its ethos, values and corporate social responsibility.

Motivational Film

This animated film was designed to boost employee morale and engagement by celebrating company success stories, people and events within a large multi-national.

Internal Communications Video & Employee Engagement Films

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What our clients say about us

  • "Hill Tribe Media was like finding a nugget of gold in a packet of coal. We interviewed and met with several production companies but Hill Tribe really listened and came up with innovative and exciting solutions that one instinctively knew would work based upon their experience and expertise. The shoot itself went brilliantly. Despite on-site difficulites, Robbie never once lost his cool and came up with alternative solutions that let us carry on. It was Tse Qigong Centres first time shooting an online educational course, but we can honestly say we enjoyed the whole experience. This is because the Hill Tribe team made it all so effortless. We are already looking forward to the next projects with Hill Tribe."
    Jessica TseJessica TseTse Qigong Centre
  • “It would be easy to come up with some spurious reasons to work with Hill Tribe Media, but for us at Top Gear, it's their ability to be a low-impact part of a larger editorial team, fitting into a complicated schedules with various sensitivities. It matters that they’re presentable, fast, friendly and easy to work with. They also provided extra help and advice with getting our edits completed to the appropriate standard, even when we change the brief with little notice… highly recommended.”
    Tom FordTom FordTopGear Magazine
  • "Hill Tribe were extremely professional and have delivered a brilliant end product that has been well received by patients and staff alike. Hill Tribe were full of creative solutions and ideas and were always willing to oblige with the numerous requests we made of them. I would not hesitate to recommend Hill Tribe to anyone thinking of commissioning a similar service."
    Venetia Winter-BlythNurse of the Year 2016
  • Working with Robbie and the tribe has been and continues to be a fantastic experience. They are extremely professional and have delivered high quality innovative short films that we are extremely happy with. Robbie and the team grasped the concept of our project very quickly and use their creative skills to instantly deliver excellent outputs. Furthermore, the team are a pleasure to work with and always provide a stress free environment by fitting in around our agenda rather then theirs, which is a big help when running large workshops. I would highly recommend working with the 'Hill Tribe' will not be dissapointed
    Michelle CarpenterMichelle CarpenterBoehringer Ingelheim UK
  • "Working with Hill Tribe was a real pleasure.  Robbie took time to understand my scattered thoughts, multiple and changing ideas and interpret them to produce something better than I had hoped for.  He truly wanted to understand the meaning and message of the film so he could provide relevant advice and direction throughout the production.  Hill Tribes professionalism, passion and attention to detail far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to you and your team in making a film I, and Imperial College London, are truly proud of."
    Cassie LeeCassie LeeSenior Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist
  • "I had the chance to work with Hill Tribe several times over the last year. The words “several times” already says a lot…. Hill Tribe is an extremely professional partner for us at Boehringer Ingelheim that we just keep bringing back for the simple reason that what they deliver is very difficult to match. They work very independently, allowing the client to focus on other matters. Only a short brief is needed and then Hill Tribe does the rest. Hill Tribe is able to get the story told in a way that exceeds the expectations of the client, but also captures the interest of the viewers in a high quality product. This is not an easy task, but Hill Tribe masters it to perfection."
    Karen FrostKaren FrostGlobal Comms - Boehringer Ingelheim