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As an educational video production company, we produce fun and engaging educational video content. Helping organisations such as schools and universities to reach their target audiences…..of ALL ages.

We know that the secret to producing effective educational content is to create something that the audience WANTS to watch. Sounds simple right? Well we know it certainly isn’t, but we have the passion, creativity and sense of fun to ensure we deliver.

From filming puppet sea gulls and creating animated crabs, to working with university students and adult education organisations. We have the ideas, experience and passion to deliver your educational video production or educational marketing content.

We’re Creative

We not only think outside the box, we also think outside the classroom. This means we know how to reach the audience and talk to them in their own language. Be they primary, secondary, university or adults, we specialise in developing a film format that will connect with the viewers, to create something they will want to watch….not have to watch.

We’re Experienced

We have worked on many educational video productions. We’ve produced promotional films for various degree courses at Plymouth University. We’ve filmed animated crabs in Norfolk. Bicycle courses in Schools and we’ve even designed and created Splatt, our puppet Seagull guide for various educational films. Whatever the needs of your project, we have the experience to deliver the project (plus we know how to handle unruly Seagulls!)

We’re Successful

We hate to brag ….but. We’re good at creating films that the target audience enjoy to watch. Our Plymouth University films alone have generated over 500,000 views and the average “thumbs up” ratio is 80%. But don’t take our word for it! Check out the films on our YouTube page to see the range of positive comments that our audience has taken the time to post.

Where fish come from - with Splatt the Seagull

Psychology at Plymouth University

Apprentices at Arconic

Marine Biology at Plymouth University

Client Showcase: Looe Heritage Centre

Educational video productionThe Challenge:

Looe Harbour Heritage Centre approached us with a challenge. How to make an educational film about the different types of fishing fun and engaging for visiting schools and tourists.

Our Solution:

Well, after a lovely afternoon wandering the delightful old lanes of Looe, and fending off multiple attack Gulls determined to steal our chips, it hit us! We created a puppet character called Splatt the Seagull, who engaged the audience in a way only a naughty puppet sea gull can! The film currently plays in the visitor centre only, as a way to encourage school trips and visitors to experience exclusive content. Splatt has since gone on to star in other educational films and is currently awaiting his invite for a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame…which he tells us is due any day now.