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We’re not doctors. We’re not medical experts. But we are film makers. Therefore we love nothing more than to truly co-create healthcare video productions of all types with medical professionals and organisations.

Healthcare has been at the heart of Hill Tribe since we began, working with clients from across the healthcare system. These include the NHS, Boehringer Ingelheim, Lilly, Acino, ARNS and more.

We are passionate about delivering truly engaging and effective healthcare films that have real impact on patients lives. We work closely with our clients to understand the key messages and information the film needs to deliver, our role is to then suggest creative and engaging concepts for how to bring that medical information or message to life.

Most importantly, we ensure that we truly connect with the desired audience, whilst maintaining respect and dignity for all involved.

We’re Experienced

We have produced many Medical and Healthcare film productions over the years. We produce films for top 10 global pharma company Boehringer Ingelheim both in the UK and Abroad. We work with the NHS creating films for patients with various healthcare problems. From patients journeys and stories to engaging animations and promotional films, we have a lot of experience.

We’re Caring

Whatever the Healthcare video production or project may be, there is always one thing in common…..respect for the patient. We often have to work with ordinary people going through extraordinary times, and as such we ensure we operate with the utmost respect, patience and friendliness. We have great experience of working with members of the public in these very difficult times, and you can be reassured our film crew will always put the patient first.

Our Films Connect

As a Healthcare video agency our job is simple – to make sure your film does the job it needs to do. There are all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas out there, from the uber stylistic to the wackily funny but…. they are all pointless if they don’t deliver the message to the right people. We pride ourselves on creating content that is perfect for the intended audience…. creating enjoyable and engaging content that does the job our clients need it to do.

Visiting the Leeds Hospital ILD Centre

NHS PREPARE Programme Educational Film

NHS - Living With Oxygen

LEAD Nurses Workshop Film

Client Showcase: Pauls Journey Animation

Healthcare video production companyThe Challenge:

Pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim approached us with a challenge, how to make a film about changing a patients care pathway, fun and engaging for NHS healthcare professionals, whilst explaining the very real world benefits for employing joint care.

Our Solution:

We devised and created an animation featuring Paul, a diabetes patient, that shows Paul’s journey and the effects on his health, if he changed a few things along the way. The film won an investment award and the project is currently still ongoing.