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As specialist video recipe producers, we work with many food & drink brands, and one of our favourite types of content to create are video recipes. Why do we love them? Because they are cost effective to produce, fun to create and above all…. they are the ideal social media content. We help numerous clients to promote their various brands and products by creating this type of media content that is hugely popular with global audiences.

One of our video recipes has over 650k views and counting on YouTube

We’ve created video recipes for many food brands and business’s such as Riverford Farm Organics, Yeo Valley Organics, Croft Sherry and Mermaid Bakeware to name a few.

Cost Effective

We can shoot multiple video recipes in a day meaning the production costs per finished video recipe are often a lot cheaper than many clients expect. What’s more, they don’t date either, so the video recipes produced can be online, shared, talked about and enjoyed by audiences for year after year!

Brand Positive

Creating video recipes gives audiences media content that’s of real value to them, without feeling like they are getting the hard sell, or watching just another promo video. By producing content that adds value to the product purchase, and gives the viewer the information and inspiration they are searching for, creates a win win form of brand engagement.

Full Production Service

As video recipe producers, we have great experience creating food based films. We can produce video recipes in a variety of styles, from simple hands only and onscreen text format, up to presenter led in a studio kitchen. Whatever your particular preference, we can help source the talent, the locations and all the other crucial ingredients to deliver a successful project.

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Client Project Showcase: Mermaid Bakeware


Video recipe producersThe Challenge:

Mermaid Bakeware had a problem…. They were a well established and traditional high quality bakeware brand, but with the explosion in baking popularity thanks the Great British Bake-off and the like, they were losing market share to new brands and needed to reach the next wave of amateur and professional bakers.

Our Solution:

Give the bakers what they want, high quality and engaging video recipes, whilst at the same time demonstrating the unique benefits and strengths of the Mermaid Bakeware range of baking products. These Video Recipes were used on social channels and on the companies website, generating an increase in sales and reaching a new generation of customers. The Vanilla Biscuits recipe has currently been viewed over 676,000 times and has over 3,700 likes on YouTube.

Showcase Project Impact:

676,000+ Views

3,700+ Likes