Animation Services

Check out some examples below...

Sometimes things just work better when animated. Be it hand drawn, cartoon or computer generated, our animation services ensure that your story is told in a visual way that suits both you & your audience.

Whatever style of animation, our high quality video production services will ensure your project achieves it’s aims…and more.


Sometimes, a clients budget simply just doesn’t allow us to have multiple filming days, in multiple locations to film what’s required – this is where animation is perfect. It allows us to demonstrate things that would simply be impossible to capture with traditional film cameras.


Believe it or not…..talking Crabs are actually quite rare. You could go months without meeting one, let alone find one who is good in front of camera. That is why we created an animated Crab for one of our clients projects. Animation allows us to achieve incredibly creative and entertaining things – adding a another level of creativity to any project.


Who doesn’t love a good Disney film?? Come on, be honest…we all do! Audience’s still love animation because it can take us to places, and engage with audiences in a way that live action sometimes simply can not. Our animation services can be the ideal tool to help you bring your story, character or ethos to life.