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Educational Film Production – Net to Plate


Educational Film Production

As educational film productions go, this was a first! Working with a talking Seagull! This educational video project aims to tell primary school aged children all about where our fresh fish and seafood comes from. Splatt the Seagull is our guide in this film that we produced for Seafood Cornwall Training.

Seafood Cornwall Training asked us to devise a film that would help engage children and retain their interest. Our main weapon in this task? FUN! So we devised Splatt, the talking Seagull, to be our puppet guide who takes us on a journey from the fishing boat, through the markets, from the fish mongers counter and onto the dinner table.

By using a puppet to help engage with children, especially for a children’s  educational film, we can instantly create something eye-catching, something colourful and above all, something fun. Our aim was to deliver the clients needs, and inform the audience about where fish and seafood comes from, but to also create something memorable and entertaining to watch.

We started by producing a script and storyboard for the project. Once approved we then found our MASTER puppeteer in the shape of Neil Sterenburg. Working with Neil we carefully brought Splatt to life as the main puppet was created (proud parental feelings all round!). The filming days were arranged, volunteer actors were found, and our latest educational film production commenced. Check out the Video Production News Page for a full project breakdown which details the behind the scenes filming process. (and some hilarious filming out-takes!)


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